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About O.F Ultimate 1.0 by a PSG fan

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About O.F Ultimate 1.0 by a PSG fan

Mensagem  digarinho em Sab Ago 20, 2011 12:45 pm

I'm french so I'm going to write the message in English, hope that will be okay for you to understand.

I'm still playing PES5 and I discovered your option file which is great ! However I'm a PSG fan and I'm a little disappointed because from a brasilian option file I would have expected a better interest in this club, thanks to all great brasilian players who have played here.

The logo is the old one.
instead of
The kit is an old one too.

A lot of players are underrated, Chantôme, Pastore, or even your compatriot Nenê, one of the best players of French Ligue 1 last year !
Some position mistakes like Clement who is not an attacking but a defensive midfielder, Tiéné who is left defenser, etc.
Some players have left the club, like Clement, Makonda, Edel, etc. and others are missing (Sirigu, Matuidi, Gameiro,...)
Full list is available here: psg.fr/fr/News/300001/Effectif-Staff
And realistics stats here: pesstatsdatabase.com/PSD/Players.php?Club=110

How about classic players, like Raí, Valdo or Leonardo, are they still in the game ?

Thank you for your attention !


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Data de inscrição : 20/08/2011

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